Privacy policy

Acquiring personal information
Registration of the customer's name, address and other personal information may be required to utilize our company's website. In such cases, the purposes and intentions of the information will be clearly indicated. To insure the validity of our website, a digital certification to the customer's browser software will be issued, and SSL, an encryption technology will be used to maximize the security to the utmost extent.
Providing personal information
We basically do not inform our customer's personal information to a third person. Cases mentioned below are exceptions.
  • We will inform necessary information to our business partners in order to fulfill our goals. (see "About using personal information" below)
  • We will inform necessary information when it is permitted by law.
About using personal information
We basically use our customer's personal information only to fulfill our purposes below. When we use personal information other than purposes written below, we will inform our customers on the website or with other methods.
  • Using personal information to provide our services (ex. delivering ordered items).
  • Using personal information for our business operation such as sending our DM.
  • Using personal information for our marketing operation / merchandise development. Please shop at our website after agreeing with the above conditions.



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