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 Rate(Rental Fee + Delivery Fee)
  1. Rental Fee : 1,000 yen per day (tax excluded)
    • Includes : Equipment(with SIM Card) / USB Cable/
      AC Adapter/ Setup Guide
  2. Delivery Fee will be charged in accordance with the following policies.
    • If you receive the Wi-fi Router with a rental cell phone,
      delivery fee for the Wi-fi Router will be waived.
    • Delivery to anywhere in Japan by courier - 1,000yen
      for RT (tax excluded)
    • Receiving at Narita or Haneda Airport - 1,000yen
      for RT (tax excluded)
    • Receiving at any other airports - Delivery fee will be charged at cost.
  3. Usage : Unlimited
    Notes when using overseas
    The data rate is 1KB = 4 yen (1MB = approx. 4,100 yen) outside of Japan, and data/flat rate do not apply. Please refrain from using overseas as high data fees can be incurred.
 Service Area
    Click the area name to see the area map.
    Hokkaido     Tohoku     Kanto,Koshinetsu     Tokai     Hokuriku     Kansai     Chugoku,Shikoku     Kyusyu,Okinawa
 Broadband Access
Protocol Speed
3G Download 7.2Mbps / Upload 5.7Mbps
Actual throughput speed and coverage may vary.
 System Requirements
In order to set up the USB Modem, you will need the following minimum system requirements:
Operating System
Windows7 Ultimate/Home Premium/Home Basic/Enterprise/Starter/Professional
Windows Vista Ultimate/Home Premium/Home Basic/Business
Windows XP Home (SP2 or later)/Professional (SP2 or later)/64bitXP
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Wireless LAN Standard
101.8(W) x 51.8 (H) x 13.65(D) mm
 Terms and Conditions
    • Log on as an Administrator.
    • The communication equipment should be compatibale with weireless LAN.
    • Connections may not be possible in some service areas, including tunnels; subways; indoors; areas surrounded by buildings, hills, etc.; and on the upper floors of some condominiums and tall buildings.
    • Due to Best effort delivery, you may experience slower communication speed or lose your connection depending on network conditions.
    • This broadband service may not be available depending on the security settings of network environment. (Ex. VPN LAN)
    • Users shall turn off the Data Roaming feature of their smartphone to avoid excessive packet communication charges.
    • The data rate is 1KB = 4yen (1MB = approx. 4,100yen ) outside of Japan, and data/flat rate do not apply.
      Please refrain from using overseas as high data fees can be incurred.
    • In order to secure a fair level of communication quality and network usage, G-Call may temporary limit the transfer speed of customers who perform large data transfers for a certain period of time.
    • G-Call shall not be liable for any loss that occurs while the service is not provided.
    • Users shall be liable for any changes of settings and install of the software.
    • Loss or damage of rental kits will cost you the actual expenses for recovery up to 70,000yen(tax excl.).


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