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Rental Mobile Service in Japanonline

An absolute necessity during your stay in Japan, whether for business or for pleasure.

Merit of the Service the flow of reservation receiving methods fee

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Can be picked-up at the time of returning G-Call rental cell phone !
"OMIYAGE" PACK "Minami Uonuma-san Koshihikari" "Ready-To-Go" at the airport(Narita and Kansai)


A clam-type flip phone that's easy to carry !
* Camera-phone
* SMS ( short message service )
* MMS ( Multimedia Messaging Service ) for picture mail and internet mail
* Web site excluding access to paid contents


Airmailed call details are free of charge.
Invoices include CDRs ( call detail records ) for dates and time of calls as well
as recipient's caller ID.
Invoices are available to be sent by airmail or viewed on G-Call web site.


Your precious photos in Japan can be saved.
CCD camera.
You can send photos by MMS.
For Customer who lives out of Japan, please read this information before your order.
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Please rest assured that all information sent to this site,
if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.