Rental Mobile Service in Japanonline

An absolute necessity during your stay in Japan, whether for business or for pleasure.

Merit of the Service the flow of reservation receiving methods fee

For reservations, please apply by noon (JST) three business days
prior (one business day prior for Narita pick up) to your desired start date.
*Otherwise, please apply at our pick-up counters after your customs procedure.

Notice of registration will be sent to you by e-mail or fax upon completion of your application.
-For applications received in the morning, the notice will be sent out the next business day.
-For applications received in the afternoon, the notice will be sent out in two business days.
If you don't receive any notices, your application may not have been processed properly.
Please contact us immediately.

Delivery to a location of your choice in Japan one day prior to use
Pick up at the airport of your choice in Japan on the first day of use.

Please inform us immediately of any troubles such as loss or damage or a change in rental schedule.

If you receive the mobile phone by home delivery service, please send back the rental items
in Japan by C.O.D. by the day after your last date of use (e.g. via hotel front desk).
You may also return them at our pick-up & drop-off counter in the departure lobby.

Invoices and CDRs will be mailed to you free of charge on a monthly basis.
If you rent the phone across multiple months, you may receive an invoice for rental fees,
minimum charges and delivery charges and then a separate invoice for calling fees the following month.

G-Call customers: a lump - sum payment with other G-Call charges.
New individual customers: credit card payment only
New corporate customers: credit card, bank account transfer, or transfer slip.
(Corporate customers shall declare credit card number for their identification)

Please read cautions and notes carefully printed on notice of registration
or users' manual packed in delivery items.
This G-Call site has a Verisign Secure Server ID.
Please rest assured that all information sent to this site,
if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.