Rental Mobile Service in Japanonline

An absolute necessity during your stay in Japan, whether for business or for pleasure.

Merit of the Service the flow of reservation receiving methods fee


  1. Rental fee = number of days X 250yen (tax excluded)
    • Rental cell phone kit: handset, battery and charger
    • If you choose home delivery, the kit will be delivered one day before the first day of the rental period.
      Delivery date shall be excluded from the rental period.
    • If you prefer any early-date delivery, then extra rental fees will be charged.
  2. Delivery charge
    • Home delivery service:
      1,000 yen for a round-trip delivery excluding tax ( location does not affect the price )
    • Pick-up at our pick-up counters in Narita International Airport:
      handling charge of 1,000 yen for pick-up & drop-ff excluding tax
    • Pick-up at airports other than Narita International Airport:
      Actual costs based on Yamato airport delivery service.
  3. Calling Fee
Free of charge
70 yen /min ( tax free )
200 yen/min to any country
SMS (Receiving is free)
Domestic : 70yen/mail (tax excluded)
International SMS : 200yen/mail (tax free)
* international SMS cannnot be sent to some countries.
Ask us for further information.


Existing G-Call customers
a lump‐sum payment with other G-Call charges.
New customers
credit card payment only
credit card, bank account transfer, or transfer slip
Please note corporate customers shall declare credit card number for their identification.

Please note

* Cancel fee ( 2,000 yen tax excluded ) and delivery charge ( 1,000 yen tax excluded) will be charged, if you cancel the rental service after the mobile kit is sent out.
* Delay of returning rental kits will cost you 2,000 yen / day.
* Loss or damage of rental kits will cost you the actual expenses for recovery.
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Please rest assured that all information sent to this site,
if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.