Rental Mobile Service in Japanonline

An absolute necessity during your stay in Japan, whether for business or for pleasure.

Merit of the Service the flow of reservation receiving methods fee

You can choose one of the following options;

Pick-up at the Narita Airportmap )
Pick-up at Haneda Airport International Airlinesmap )
< Arrival > Pick up the cell phone at our pick-up counter in the arrival lobby.
< Departure > Return the cell phone at our pick-up & drop-off counter in the departure lobby.
Handling charge:  1,000 yen for pick-up & drop-off, tax excluded.

Home delivery service
< Arrival > Delivery to a location of your choice in Japan one day prior to use.
< Departure > Use the delivering slip ( enclosed with the cell phone at the time of delivery ) to return the mobile phone on the day of departure or one day later ( e.g. via hotel front desk ).
Delivery charge: 1,000yen for round-trip delivery, tax excluded. ( delivery location does not affect the price )

Pick up at the counter other than Narita International Airports
< Pick up > Pick up the cell phone at the specified counter.
< Return > We can NOT accept device at those airports. Please return by Yamato Transport with pay-arrival label we attach to the device.
Airports you can pick up cell phones

* Kansai International Airport ( MAP )
* Centrair Japan International Airport ( MAP )
* Hiroshima Airport ( MAP )
* New Chitose Airport ( MAP )
* Fukushima Airport ( MAP )
* Niigata Airport ( MAP )
* Komatsu Airport ( MAP )
* Fukuoka Airport ( International/Domestic Airlines ) ( MAP )
* Nagasaki Airport ( MAP )
* Kagoshima Airport ( MAP )

Delivery charge: Actual Yamato airport delivery fee will be charged.

* You will be informed of the telephone number when you receive the phone.
* If you extend the rental period without any notice, you will incur an extra charge of 2,000 yen/day (tax excluded).

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