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This SIM card can be used throughout Japan

2GB of DATA for 3,780 Yen
Pick up at Narita International Airport


Order on-line then pick up at Narita Airport. Can be used immediately after pick up.

Service overview:
  • Price 3,780 Yen(plus tax)
  • Deta bundle 2GB 
  • Service period 3 month
  • Transmission rate LTE(Maximum 150 Mbps downlink/50 Mbps uplink))
    ※Transmission rate depends on your device.
    ※3G network is available outside of LTE coverage.

Where to pick up:
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 North Wing
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 South Wing
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2

  • Apprival LobbyQL Liner Counter

How to use
  • Insert the SIM card into your device
  • Set the APN settings

With this 2GB SIM Card, you can access/use

・News site top page (mobile site) Approx. 6,820 times
・Texting(text message of 300 characters in Japanese) About 409,600 messages
・Map app Approx. 560 times
・Skype(3-minute calls) Approx. 1,160 times (2,940 min.)

Customer support

IIJ Support Center is available year-round (excluding the beginning and end of the year)
9:00 - 19:00 / TEL: 03-5205-4999

Customer support is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese only

Service and Communication Specifications

・Service is available up to the end of the month three months from the first data communication date using the SIM card included in this package. (e.g., service continues up to the end of September if you started use in June.)

・Your first use of the service should be prior to the end of the service start expiration date printed on the package.

・This service will not be available after you have used up your specified data traffic volume or when the service period has expired.

・Network coverage is described on NTT DOCOMO's Web site (Japanese only).

・Service period cannot be extended.

・A private IP address is assigned to this package. However, this does not guarantee that all applications and services are operable.

・The transmission speed provided here is the maximum value defined by the technical standard and does not indicate the actual transmission speed.

・This service is available with best-effort delivery, and therefore the actual transmission speed may vary according to traffic conditions and network load.

・Disconnection may occur when a connection remains established past the specified period of time or when a period of no data transmission continues.

・This service uses radio waves. Even within a coverage area, the service may not be available indoors or depending on surrounding obstacles (buildings, terrain, etc.). In certain cases, this service may not be available on the upper floors of high-rise buildings even without obstacles.

・The initial PIN code is set to "0000." For an explanation of how to set the PIN code, please refer to your device's user manual.

Handling the SIM card

・When handling the SIM card, do not apply more load than necessary. Incorrect handling of the SIM card may damage the card and/or your device.

・Do not touch the metal terminal part and always keep them clean for use.

・If you touched the metal terminal part, wipe it with a dry, soft cloth before use.

・When storing the SIM card, do not place it in locations where it can be exposed to direct sunlight and/or high temperatures/humidity.

・Take notes or use other means to retain the information that you registered in the SIM card. Internet Initiative Japan is not responsible for any loss of such registered information.

Safety Precautions

・Before removing the SIM card, wear gloves and always turn off the power.

・A parent or guardian should supervise the handling of the SIM card if a child is the user. Make sure that the child user is using the SIM card as instructed.

・Do not place the SIM card in a microwave or other cookware or high-pressure containers.

・Do not use or leave the SIM card near fire or a stove, or other places where it can be exposed to high temperatures. The SIM card may melt, generate heat and/or smoke, catch fire, malfunction, or lose data.

・Keep out of reach of infants. Accidental swallowing and injuries may occur.


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